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Sincerely Yours

By now, if you're reading this, you would have seen our latest, gorgeous Christmas collection, Sincerely Yours.
Made of 18k gold-plated chain with a pendant that bears one of the 26 alphabets, each jewel is unique to everyone when you pick out a piece that bears your special initial! Not only will it be perfect for yourself, it will also be the perfect gift for everyone you love - not to mention that it will look especially thoughtful when you took the time to pick out the initial for your loved ones.
To further complement the gift to show sincerity and thoughtfulness, you could even upgrade your gift with our Special Christmas Gift Box. 
So exactly how special is this gift box, you ask? 
Now, imagine this. You receive a parcel wrapped in white linen with a season greeting card on it. You notice a pleasant scent and you realise it's actually coming from the piece of dried orange and eucalyptus at the topknot of the parcel. 
Already happy with how simply pleasant it looks and smells, you untie the knot to see the tin box within. Another big part of receiving gifts is definitely the unwrapping part. Now, you're getting excited to see what exactly is on the inside. 
Gently lifting the lid, you open the tin box to find a handwritten personalised message card and beneath that, a drawstring pouch lies softly on a bed of organic shredded wood. And now, it seems like you're unboxing in a forest as the smell of wood is mix citrus.
But the unboxing is not finished yet!
Taking the pouch out of the box, your heart beats faster as you wonder which jewel your loved one had selected for you. 
And when the contents of the drawstring pouch is unveiled, you are instantly mesmerised by the jewel and a warm feeling rushed from your heart to every corner of your being as you read the message on the card.
Now, isn't that a gift worth appreciation?
Did I also mention that the gift box is packed with love and care?
This season, send some love with lots of love from the Cindertoella team.
Sincerely yours,
Cindertoella team

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