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Share Some Love

This is probably the month where the notion of Love is emphasised more than ever throughout the year. People are always encouraging each other to share and spread love, but no one really mentioned how to go about it. So here we will share some ways to share and spread love in the most direct manner! Applicable to everyone you love, and not just your romantic partner.

Give them a big hug!

This may be a little tricky now that social distancing and people living in different households may have a more difficult time to meet up and hangout. But the warmth and message a physical contact conveys is like no other. So, give your best bear hug whenever you’re able to!

Express your empathy.

First, it’s important to differentiate sympathy and empathy. Empathy is truly experiencing someone’s feelings instead of just saying, “Oh, that sucks. But hey, at least that didn’t kill you.” Empathy will tell you to say, “I know what you’re going through and it’s not a happy place to be, but I’m here for you.” Sometimes, people don’t need advice, they just need someone. Be that someone for the person you care about.

Write them a handwritten card or letter.

Let your deepest appreciation and emotions flow through your words. Some things are pretty hard to say upfront, but seems easier when you can express it through a handwritten message. Have some empathy for yourself and imagine yourself receiving a handwritten note from someone. You feel that? That warmth in your heart is the message that you want to send, isn’t it?

Surprise, surprise!

Giving someone a surprise is not only pleasant but a reminder to them that you care. It could be a surprise gift, a dinner or just a surprise call. Using the convenience and technology that we have in this time and age, it wouldn’t be too difficult to send a parcel or meal directly to your loved ones’ doorstep!

And of course, there are many more other things you can do to spread some kindness, even to strangers. Like, giving a smile, saying thank you and just holding the door for another person. Incorporating simple acts of kindness in your daily routine is definitely the way to go!

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