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By Marilyn Tan

Do you remember moments when you saw something and it made you go, “Aww, that's so pretty!” and you simply cannot tear your eyes away from it? It could be a handbag you saw at the flea market, a pair of shoes online or just a simple piece of jewellery.


Today, I am here to share some jewels so pretty you just want to gaze at it all day. To start off, let's take a look at the Chain Bracelet with Freshwater Pearl.

Chain Bracelet with Freshwater Pearl


Chain accessories have always been in style. Over the years, the dimensions and forms have changed very little to make it more trendy without losing it´s vintage value. The addition of a pearl to the chain jewellery is akin to a touch of purity to the classic piece. Beautiful, isn´t it?


Emily is definitely one of the most underrated jewels that we have here. At 39cm long, it is considered a choker or bib necklace that sits gracefully just at the collarbone. Perhaps what makes Emily so pretty is how gently it accentuates the rise and fall of the collarbones. Wear it by itself makes your outfit look less boring, stacking it with another necklace brings out your personal style. Either way, you won´t go wrong with Emily.


Has anyone noticed the latest we brought to the collection? It´s ear cuffs and one jewel stood out particularly, Estrella. With a North Star design, Estrella has just the right amount of bling to capture without being tacky. Captivating.

Estrella Ear Cuff ( On The Top) 

Another pretty jewel is definitely Daniela. Made of a zirconia stone set in place with floral metal cast, the brilliance and shine of the stone is only second to that of a real diamond. The delicate details and shape is feminine with a touch of romanticism. Enchanting piece that catches the eyes and heart.

Daniela Earrings 

Of course, I could go on all day but it would be simply easier if you just browse through our whole range to feed your eyes on pretty jewels. In the meantime, don´t forget to also look into the mirror and tell the person you see how pretty she is, because no one deserves to hear that more than yourself.

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