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Pamper Yourself

By Marilyn Tan

Pamper Yourself

There are many kinds of days; some are breezy while there are days when anyone could feel overwhelmed. Although going on a weekend getaway is most often the easiest remedy to relax, there are also some simple and small things that can be done throughout the week to help you get through to the weekend and prepare yourself to face the challenges ahead.

For starters, you could always take a long bath, relaxing with some music of your liking in the background and a book to read. Alternatively, there is always some easy read from our blog archives if you just want to do some light reading.

No bath facility? No problem, just book an appointment for massage or even a pedi-manicure will make you feel pampered.

Sometimes, you just want to have fun and unwind. What better way than to hangout with friends over dinner and then for an extended night out? For times like this, we have jewels like Belen Bracelet and Chain Bracelet to add on to your daily assemble. Simple but eye-catching, these bracelets will help start a conversation which has nothing to do with your worries!

Belen Bracelet& Chain Bracelet

Ultimately, you can also opt to stay home and catch a movie after work. Forget cooking for an evening and order your favourite takeout to be delivered. Don't want to seem too sloppy when the deliveryman arrives? Just have a necklace on! Tzia and Penelope are examples of jewels which are sweat and water resistant, thanks to the 18K plated gold, so you could keep them on from work until the moment you get to bed!

Tzia Necklace & Penelope Necklace

Of course, splurging on yourself once in a while is another option and what better way than to buy yourself something which has been on your mind for some time? Perhaps you have been craving for a fancy dinner? Maybe you have been eyeing our Self Love necklace for a while? Or maybe it's that pair of red heels which doesn't match with your usual style but you still find it really pretty, anyway? 

Self Love Necklace with Silver925

We all have moments and it's important that we stop, take a deep breath, gather our thoughts and clear our heads. We sometimes forget the simplest things can give us the greatest pleasures. 

A few times a week, something small every time, start pampering yourself.

Featured image via @pinterest

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