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Love and Gifts

It’s the season of love again! Well, that’s what February is to everyone since Valentine’s falls on this month. While it is true that Valentine’s is meant to celebrate romantic love between couples, we believe that it should be extended to everyone you love, regardless if romantic feelings exists or not. As long as there’s love, it’s worth expressing and appreciating, no?

And what better way to show your appreciation and love than giving a thoughtful and special gift?

So here we have a few personal ideas on which jewel would convey the kind of thought and appreciation which you have to show!

If you want someone to feel one of a kind, we highly recommend our Initial Necklaces from the Sincerely Yours collection. As the name of the collection suggests, you find something that best represents the initial of another with sincerity.

If you want someone to feel precious, pearl is the way to go. There’s a purity and elegance about pearls which sends the message that goes, “You’re precious, and just like how the oyster protected its pearl with layers upon layers of tears, I’ll keep you protected as well.” We have the chain bracelet with freshwater pearl and Louise with pearls as decorations.

If it’s appreciation you would like to express, literally anything goes. But we have a few ambiguous or some would say, neutral, jewels such as Savannah earrings or if you’re thinking about necklaces, there’s Daniela and Elisa. Basically, it will be a test of how well you know a person to nail the perfect jewel.

After you’ve selected the perfect jewel, why not throw in a personalised message as well to complete the gift? Whether it’s a simple “Thank you for your…” or “I am thankful to have you”, our letter pressed Just Wanna Say message card would convey your message perfectly.

Oh yeah, did I also mention that your message will be hand-written?

Everything sealed in a nice little gift box and delivered right into the hands of your loved ones. Imagine the surprise, the joy and the multiplication of love from the simple act.

More often than not, we tend to put things off and procrastinate. But don’t do that when it comes to expressing love!

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