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How To Choose The Right Earrings To Compliment Your Face Shape

By Hanis Ismail

Jewelry is undoubtedly one of the easiest ways to express yourself! You can be as bold, edgy, or as toned down as you want. Earrings are so versatile! They come in different materials, lengths, and styles… there is something for everyone. If you are looking to turn heads you can opt for statement earrings, for something more chic you have danity hoops or pearls, there are even minimalist pieces that are suitable for everyday wear. 


Understandably, it can seem a bit overwhelming with so many choices to choose from. Here’s where we step in. Bear in mind, this is just a starting point… you are free to experiment with as many styles as you want!


Let’s get into it… Here’s your guide on how to choose earrings to compliment your face shape:

Oval Shaped.


(if you want to include celebrity, can try to link their insta, i have put the link here :



  • Your forehead is slightly wider than your chin. 
  • Well rounded jawline to chin. 
  • Jawline almost blends into your chin.


Types of earrings that compliment this face shape

  • Teardrop shape, oval shape, or pearls.
  • These shapes will add a soft natural contour and balance out your face. 
  • Longer earrings which come in these shapes help to add soft definition to the face.


We recommend 

  • AVE in Gold, CESAR





    • Your face has an overall circular form. 
    • Your face is the same length from the tip of your nose to all sides. 
    • Slightly wide cheekbones.
    • Rounded chin line.


    Type of earrings that compliment this face shape

  • Lengthy, drop style, statement earrings.
    • These types of earrings help to elongate the face and add more natural definition. 
    • Larger statement earrings also help to draw attention to the face and add more natural volume.


    We recommend


  • Heart 




    • Face narrows towards the chin. 
    • Your forehead is wider than your cheeks.


    Type of earrings that compliment this face shape

    • Earrings with a wider base or soft curves. 
    • These shapes help to naturally balance your face and add a soft contour. 


    We recommend 






    • The width of your forehead, jawline, and cheeks is similar.


    Type of earrings that compliment this face shape

    • Hoops or medium-long length earrings. 
    • These shapes help draw the attention to the earrings and soften your features.


    We recommend 






    • Your forehead and chin are narrower than cheekbones.


    Type of earrings that compliment this face shape

    • Wide base earrings. 
    • Straight lines. 
    • Short to medium length earrings.


    We recommend 


    Narrow / Long




    • The defining feature is the length of your face. 
    • Generally your face shape is not too wide. 


    Type of earrings that compliment this face shape

    • Lengthy earrings help to attract attention to the earrings.
    • If you prefer shorter lengths try pearls. 
    • These earrings have more definition and help to draw people’s gaze to your eyes.


    We recommend 

    • MACU, SHANA, UQASHA (left to right).


    Here at Cindertoella we have something for everyone! We hope this guide helps you to get started when it comes to choosing the right earrings. Don’t forget to save this post or screenshot is so you always have this information if you need it.


    For more information don’t hesitate to comment below, email ( , or DM us!


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