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Don’t Let the Lockdown Get You Down!-2021 Version

It’s the lockdown again! Is your heart and mind ready for this one? (We meant the one in Malaysia, if you’re reading this from elsewhere, I’m pretty sure that at the time of publishing, your country is also in some kind of lockdown. So, this could be relevant to you, too.)


Cook something different

Many people turned to food for comfort during hard times and that was the trend we saw during the first lockdown almost a year ago. Suddenly, we see many of our friends becoming master chefs and bakers on our social media feeds. Maybe you were even one of them! You can do the same again this time, but do it with a twist – try something so completely out of your comfort zone! Like soups? Try some European stews! Love baking? Try some Chinese New Year cookies which were tedious but delicious!


Plant something

Just the same with cooking, many turned to the serenity of raising a quiet living thing for comfort. Again, do it a little differently this time by planting something else. Bought a houseplant the last time? Try planting your own cherry tomatoes this time! Already harvested the ginger you planted months ago? Get a little cactus and decorate it around the house! While we wake up everyday to care for something, we are also nurturing ourselves, be it our patience or compassion, there is always something to gain for us.


Adult coloring

A trend that lost its novelty and clearly undermined during this lockdown is definitely coloring. Adult coloring not only kills time but also cultivate your creativity. At the end of the day, you get a piece of art plus a huge sense of achievement. It’s so easy nowadays, just go online and search for a picture you like and voila!


Call someone

Everyone always has someone on their mind. While we are already accustomed with texting for the past decade, it’s always a nice touch to have a proper conversation with someone over the phone. Video call works equally well, if that’s your thing, just as long as you don’t lose touch with people. Humans are born to be social and although the rules nowadays dictate that we stay away from each other physically, it doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t care about another by keeping in contact with each other. Times are hard, and your call might be just the one someone is waiting for.

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