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Almost 2021

By Marilyn Tan
If this year has taught us anything at all, it is definitely the fact that time and tide waits for no man. The year has passed by, for the most of us, events, people and places unvisited. There is also that 2020 new year's resolutions which will most likely be postponed indefinitely. And yet, with so many tasks and dreams unrealised, time did not stop.
But all is not lost yet as there is always hope for new beginnings and fresh starts. After all, there is still another month before the year officially ends.
Missed a friend dearly? Not there to celebrate the birthday or wedding of a loved one? Send a gift from us with a handwritten note! Not sure which jewel to pick? Just order a Surprise Box and let our team surprise you and your loved ones with a specially curated jewel!
Surprise box comes with 2 random jewels selection by Cindertoella
Finally have time off at the end of the year for a short getaway? Don't forget to pack along your favourite jewels! We highly recommend a Travel Organizer to pack your jewels so they stay organized and safe!
Cindertoella Travel Organiser
Still occupied with work and have no time off? Even so, gotta stay chic and stylish while buried with work. Our range of stainless steel base, 18K gold-plated jewels will keep you looking sharp even in Zoom meetings. These jewels are suitable to be worn on a daily basis and we guarantee no one will get tired of looking at it.
This year definitely hasn't been a bed of roses for many, but the ability to adapt to changes and bring forward hope and kindness is what makes us human. So send the gift to make someone's day, give a smile under that mask, fill your heart with hopes and march forward with confidence and positivity! 

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