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A brief look on the history of jewellery

By Marilyn Tan

A brief look on the history of jewellery

Jewellery goes back a long time in human history. The first known were archaeological beads made of shells dated 100, 000 years ago (which reminded us of our El Mar earrings with shell pieces stringed into a hoop. Needless to say, since then the role and use of jewellery has been an embedded part of civilisation.

El mar earrings

Jewelleries covers a wide range of ornaments - including the commonly used rings, bracelets, necklaces, brooches and even cufflinks. The purpose of jewellery itself, besides personal adornment, could also be functional, such as brooches and pins to fix hair and cufflinks for shirt cuffs. Besides being a marker of social status and superstition beliefs, jewelleries of significant values are even used as currency and trade goods to this day!

However, despite all the glitzy shine, precious metals and stones used for jewelleries, it could be safely concluded that jewelleries nowadays are more of a form of affection and personal artistic display than anything else.

Pearls and other animal parts, such as bones, antlers and teeth were also common as materials. More often than not, it highly increases the value and price of the jewelleries made with it. Thanks to development, we now have cultured pearls, which are made of the same material as pearls fished in the wild and equally pleasing to the eyes. Sometimes, even more pretty than wild ones as the shape and size could be controlled, just like Macu, Louise and our Chain Bracelet with freshwater pearl. Although size and shape could be controlled to a certain extent for cultured pearls, they are all still very much unique in shape and surface, almost impossible to find two identical, which explains the popularity of these pearls!

Chain Bracelets with Freshwater Pearl

Louise earrings with Freshwater Pearl

The history and evolution of jewellery is rich, extensive and a study of its own, almost impossible to finish speaking about it in one blog post. Do leave us a comment on the pieces you like on our Instagram and facebook page and share your thoughts with us about what you think of jewelleries. We would like to share more in the future and hope to bring jewels which are elegant, meaningful and worthy to you!

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