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6 Easily Achievable 2021 New Year’s Resolution For A More Attractive Self

6 easily achievable 2021 new year’s resolution for a more attractive self

It’s the new year! Despite how the last one had been, it is always good to set some goals for this brand new one. However, goals like “read more”, “be more beautiful and healthy”, “be a better person” and others are either too unattainable or too abstract. Like, be more beautiful and healthy, how can you become that without first taking the small steps? Or be a better person. How can you judge if you’re a better person today than yesterday?

So, why don’t we try a different approach this year by focusing our efforts on small things we can easily achieve on a daily basis. Little by little, day by day, you will start to see the difference and how you’re finally getting closer to your big, abstract goal!

 #1 Place a big bottle of water on your desk everyday and light some candles for evening yoga

There is literally nothing you can achieve if you don’t have health.

Let’s start with something small this year by becoming a healthier person! Just place a big bottle of water on your desk everyday and make it a daily goal to finish it. Working out can be a chore, so why not sign up for an interesting class like zumba or even light up some candles and do some simple yoga by following a Youtube video? Or you could start small by going for outdoor activities with your friends, get your body accustomed to physical activities before signing up for a gym.

Also, don’t forget that staying up late does the body no good at all. Just organize your time better and find the time to do something the next day.

Your health could really change how you appear and your whole aura.


#2 Instead of browsing through your phone before sleeping, swap to twenty minutes of reading instead

Most of the people spend their time on their phones nowadays. Not only will your eyes feel tired after a long time staring at the phone, it may even make you anxious! So this year, why not switch to twenty minutes of reading instead of browsing the phone before sleeping? Therefore, you could relax and have a better night’s sleep.

Select something by your bedside. It could range from poetry that you like to an illustrated book or even a novel of your choice. Most importantly, it should be something which could help you to relax!

#3 Cut toxic people out of your life

People come and go in your life. More often than not, there are some people who just don't get along with you but for some unknown reason, you’re still dealing with them. This often tire you out and will even make you feel lonelier than before.

Sincerity counts a lot when it comes to getting along with people and you should be willing to reach out happily rather than it being a habit or out of negative emotions such as guilt or anxiety. You will change according to the environment that surrounds you, which is why you have to carefully select the people whom you choose to hangout with. This new year, let’s be less pretentious and let go of the people who you don’t get along with and the negative emotions that come with it. Tip: you can start by filtering through the friend list on your social media.

#4 sign up for a course you are “slightly interested” in

Sometimes, the only way to step out of the comfort zone is as simple as doing something out of the usual schedule.

So, why not sign up for a class which you’re “slightly interested'' in? For instance, cooking class, a weekend painting class or that flying yoga class which you had been watching for a long time online. Maybe you would even want to challenge yourself to go pole dancing. Well, it doesn't have to be something so physical all the time. A language course or a book club counts as well!

After all, there's not much point in forcing yourself to do something which you have no interests in. However, you're most probably doing the things which you're interested in. So, to get out of your comfort zone and meet new people, the easiest is to do something which you're "slightly interested" in and it may very well end up giving you unexpected returns!

#5 Practice meditation before bed and write a journal

It's never too late to learn to be more gentle and kind to yourself by taking care of your emotions and inner-self.

Meditation is a very useful method which helps to calm yourself and enter a more refreshing and sharp state. You can start by finding tips online, read related books or ask your friends who you know are meditating themselves. To jumpstart, you could try meditation before bed and once you've gotten the hang of it, you can even do it in the office or a nearby park to recharge your mind before you take on the day again!

Besides that, you can also write a journal which notes down your daily emotions. Let your emotions flow through your words and that will definitely help ease your tension.

#6 Write a "good mood" journal. Love others while loving yourself

People who don't know how to love themselves most of the time can't love others as well. Precisely because of the lack of love for oneself and others that the world is full of ugliness and loneliness. As we learn to love ourselves, we also learn the importance of loving others. By developing sympathy for others and learning to love unconditionally, it is actually a way of self-love.

There are many ways to love others, such as asking how your loved ones how they are doing, paying more attention while listening to people, a simple smile to another, helping without hoping for anything in return, a compliment etc.

Why not start a "good mood" journal where you can write down the good things which happened to you on a daily basis? You can also write down the things which you're grateful for and also the good things you've done for the world today.

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